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Liaoning Mubang-Shenyang Expansion Training Ends Perfectly

2021-01-27 14:31:09

In order to further improve the cohesion and execution of the Mubang team, and ease the hard work and pressure of employees, a two-day training + outreach training activity was carried out from November 21 to 22, 2020. A total of 35 people from the Technical Department, Purchasing Department, and Sales Department attended the event.

On November 21st, the after-sales team conducted business training. This training included two parts: classroom teaching and practice. The students actively interacted in the classroom and shared business experience.

The outreach training is arranged in the Shenyang Assault League training ground. The outreach training programs include "inspiring people", "relay passing", "Hannoi Tower" and so on.

The whole activity was carried out in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. After two days of getting along with each other, the team members unknowingly deeply realized the company’s care and love for front-line employees, as well as the relationship between individuals and the company. Between them, the relationship of mutual dependence, mutual honor and disgrace between colleagues, which inspires the team's higher work enthusiasm, the motivation of hard work and innovation, and a positive attitude towards life, making the whole team more cohesive and centripetal. "Shaping the elite team, showing youthful demeanor", I believe: With such a daring and energetic team to charge forward, the future of Liaoning Mubang will be even better!



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