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Feeding and management of broilers in summer

2021-01-27 15:19:12

The hot summer weather will bring heat stress to the chickens, reduce the feed intake of the broilers, slow down the weight gain, and prone to diseases, affecting the growth and development, production performance and health of the broilers. The high temperature in summer is very harmful to broiler chickens. Improper feeding management and layer breeding equipment will bring great economic losses to the farm. Therefore, it is necessary to raise seasonal broilers in summer to improve economic benefits.

First, when cleaning the broiler cage equipment, together with the accessories, scan or rake out the old shavings and if necessary, scrub the floor of the hen house. Sprinkle a thick layer of pine shavings around the chicken coop, between 8 inches and 12 inches deep. From grains (chicken food) and sometimes the floor of the chicken house, encourage the hens to redistribute the shavings to increase aeration and prevent stagnation. Add a thin layer of pine shavings to sprinkle more de novo ammonia smell whenever the chicken house.

You also need to pay attention when cleaning broiler cage equipment, scan the old shavings once a year and replace them. The old wood shavings will become very rich and you can use the compost in your garden. Keep the pine shavings in the house slightly moist. If they become wet or smelly, add another layer of crumbs and some scratched particles. If the crumbs become too dry, mist gently with water.

The feathers of broilers are dense and there are no sweat glands. The heat in the body is difficult to dissipate. The high temperature environment will have a very negative impact on the growth and development of broilers. Therefore, it is more important to prevent heatstroke and cool down in the hot summer. In hot weather, you can spray cold water directly on the chicken body or the chicken house, spraying once every two hours. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation in the chicken house, and place a water curtain at the air inlet.

In the hot summer, the feeding and management of broilers should be strengthened. When the temperature in the house is too high, the broilers will continue to open their mouths and pant to evaporate the water in the body to dissipate heat. Therefore, the demand for water is more than usual, so in summer The broiler must be supplied with adequate, clean, and cool drinking water. Short-term water shortage will affect the growth of broiler chickens, and long-term water shortage will cause broiler chicken deaths from heat stroke. Water storage equipment and sinks should be kept clean and sanitary, and try to keep them out of direct sunlight.



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