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Automatic breeding equipment to raise chickens

2021-01-27 15:30:30

The number of chickens that can be accommodated per square meter of breeding area for chickens raised by automated breeding equipment is called the stocking density. The feeding and drinking position of each chicken is also an indispensable condition for mastering the stocking density. If the density is too high, the chicken flocks are crowded, the broiler breeding equipment increases the environmental humidity, the feeding is uneven, the chicken flocks are not well developed, and they are susceptible to diseases and pecking habits. The physique of the chickens becomes weak, the mortality rate increases, and the growth rate decreases. Although the density is small, it is good for the survival and growth of the chicks, but it is not good for heat preservation and uneconomical. The density should be adjusted according to factors such as the type, breed, brooding method, season, age, and ventilation of the chicks. Automatic breeding equipment cage brooding should sparse the group as the age increases. The density should be reduced by about 30% at the age of 3 to 4 weeks, and the density should be reduced by about 15% at the age of 5 to 6 weeks.

Egg-type chicks of 1-4 weeks of age occupy a trough position of 2 to 2.5 cm each, and 5-6 weeks of age increase to 5.0 cm each. If you use a bucket, each bucket for 1-4 weeks old can feed 35 chicks, and each bucket for 5-6 weeks old can feed 25 chickens. One-week-old chicks usually use vacuum drinking fountains, each of which can provide water for 50 to 70 chickens. If a sink is used, the location of each sink for 0-6 week-old chicks is 1 to 2 cm.


Broiler chickens are suitable for higher density rearing, but it also depends on specific conditions. Generally, on-line flat rearing can be higher than on litter, but flat rearing density can be higher, the ventilation conditions are good, and the density can be increased appropriately. In winter, the stocking density can be increased by 10%, and in summer, it should be reduced by 10%-20%. Because broiler chickens grow fast, they are generally available at 40-45 days of age, so the stocking density of their automated breeding equipment is calculated based on the number of chickens per square meter when they leave the factory. Reasonable feeding density can provide the chicks with equal opportunities for drinking and eating, which is beneficial to improve the uniformity, and can also prevent the occurrence of habit of pecking the anus and feathers of the chicks. At the same time, pay attention to the air quality and ventilation of the chicken house.



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