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Feeding system


•When it is necessary to feed the feeder, the feeding auger in the chicken house will operate when the continuous force button is pressed, and the inclined upper auger in the operating room will run when the feed button is pressed again, and the feed will be passed from the silo by the auger When the hopper reaches the hopper, the hopper will fill up in sequence. When the last auger is full, the feed will touch the level sensor at the outlet of the motor. When the sensor senses the feed, the auger motor will stop running.

•When feeding is needed, the feed in the feeder can be spread evenly into the trough when the feeder is running, and the thickness of the feed can be adjusted by adjusting the adjustment screw of the leveler.

•It is also possible to stop any layer of chicken coop spreading materials according to demand. Simply insert the material box that does not require the feeding layer into the insert plate to stop the feeding.

•Use of the remote control: turn the knob of the feeding control cabinet to the remote control position, and then you can control the feeding cart through the remote control.

No. 1 material car — No. 1 key forward, No. 2 key stop, No. 3 key back

No. 2 material car-No. 4 key forward, No. 5 key stop, No. 6 key back

No. 3 material car — No. 7 key forward, No. 8 key stop, No. 9 key back

No. 4 material car — No. 10 key forward, No. 11 key stop, No. 12 key back


•The feeder can't run, but the feeder motor can run. You can adjust the hexagon bolts on the hoisting ring on the crane and tighten the wire rope to make the material car move normally.

•The feeder does not stop after it is full of material, and the sensitivity can be adjusted by adjusting the adjusting screw on the level sensor. The level sensor can be moved as soon as it touches the feed or the finger.

•The cart can only run in one direction but not in the other direction. It is only necessary to check whether the travel switch at the end of the direction that cannot travel is returned to the original position. After the travel switch is returned to the original position, the cart can run normally.

•The feed truck cannot be stopped, just check whether the travel switch at the end of the direction of travel is short-circuited or water has entered.


Observe whether the driving is smooth

Check the wear of the driving wire rope and nylon roller.

Check the working condition of the driving track and wheels.

Grease the driving wire rope.

Add leap grease to the driving bearing

Check the lubricating oil of the driving motor and the feeding motor.

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