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What are the precautions when using broiler breeding equipment?

2021-01-27 15:32:48

Many people often eat chicken. When raising broilers, broiler farming equipment has played a great role. It not only saves manpower and material resources, but also reduces the contact between humans and broilers. When using it, use it according to the performance of the equipment. What are the precautions when using broiler breeding equipment? Next, let's take everyone to take a look!

When using a complete set of broiler breeding equipment, farmers should buy good-quality equipment. When purchasing equipment, they can choose several more companies to compare and choose cost-effective equipment. Create a complete and standardized breeding facility to allow chickens to be put on the net, clean and hygienic, to reduce the cost of medicine, and the roof and walls of the chicken coop should have good insulation and heat resistance to reduce heating costs.


Before entering the chicks, the farmers must disinfect the chicken coop in all directions, and the equipment and tools must be disinfected to avoid the existence of bacterial pathogenic microorganisms and avoid the chickens from being susceptible to diseases. The water line of the breeding farm should be checked regularly for blockage, and the cleanliness of the inner wall of the water line should be checked and cleaned to prevent harmful bacteria from remaining on the inner wall of the water line. You can use a sponge ball to clean by water pressure, or use professional water line tools, or use drugs to soak. Pay attention to the residue in the water line after grouping. Clean the water line and then group to ensure that the chickens drink healthy water. Reduce intestinal diseases.

It is necessary to pay more attention to the installation and debugging of the equipment, and the equipment engineer shall supervise and inspect on the spot to ensure the quality of equipment installation and debugging. Keep the drive away from dust and high humidity, and prevent accidental contact. There should be enough space around the drive to facilitate ventilation and adjustment. The drive can be installed vertically, and the bottom frame has a device fixing hole.



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