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Manure removal system

The manure removal system consists of a manure belt, a reducer, a driving roller, a pressing roller, a driven roller, and a manure removal component.

When chicken manure needs to be cleaned, you can control each vertical, horizontal, and diagonal manure belt operation by operating the knob of the manure removal control box or the remote control. The manure belt will transport the chicken manure to the rear end of the chicken coop and be removed by the manure scraper. Horizontal manure removal auger or horizontal manure removal belt, and then to the inclined upper manure removal auger or inclined upper manure removal belt to transport out of the chicken house.


The front end of the dung belt is deviated, and the normal operation of the dung belt can be adjusted by adjusting the "adjustment bolt".

For example: Facing the head of the manure belt to the left, you can loosen the left adjustment bolt or tighten the right adjustment bolt. Adjust while observing, adjust a little and observe for a while, adjust a little and observe for a while, until the fecal belt runs normally without rubbing both sides. Note: You cannot adjust too much at once.


The tightness of the manure belt can be adjusted by rotating the "hexagonal steel".

For example, if the dung belt is too loose, turn the hexagonal steel downward with a wrench to tighten the dung belt. Adjusting the tightness depends on the back-end manure belt, and the lower layer should have a certain sag during operation, 3-5 cm is suitable.


The rear-end dung belt is off-track, and the rear-end "adjustment bolt" can be adjusted to make the dung belt run normally.

For example: facing the machine tail manure belt running to the right, you can turn the adjusting bolt inward, and adjust while observing, adjust a little and observe for a while, adjust a little and observe for a while, until the manure belt runs normally without scratching the sides. If the “adjustment bolt” is not well adjusted by adjusting the manure belt, you can also adjust the pressure belt roller adjusting bolt for adjustment. The dung belt will deflect to the compressed side.


The manure belt slips and does not rotate, and the manure belt can operate normally by adjusting the "adjustment bolt" of the press roller.

There are two adjustment bolts on the left and right, and they must be adjusted at the same time when they need to be adjusted. If only one end is adjusted, the dung belt will run off



Clean the manure belt scraper.

Check the running stability, and adjust if there is deviation.

Check the tension.

Clean the drive mechanism.

Lubricate bearings and chains.

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