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Chicken cage manufacturers talk about the specific chicken raising process

2021-01-27 15:34:56

For users who want to work on chicken farming, the first thing to do is to understand the chicken industry, to understand the current market for eggs and chicken, and whether they have suitable sales channels. Only when there is a market To obtain benefits, after these are completed, the farmers must understand the specific chicken-raising process, and the chicken coop manufacturer will tell you the specific chicken-raising process.

The first step of building chicken coops for chickens: when constructing chicken coops, farmers need to pay attention to healthy chicken-raising equipment. Chicken coops should choose a place with high dry terrain, good drainage and leeward to the sun; places far away from noise, in addition Ensure that the water source around the chicken coop is sufficient. The chickens cannot be raised without water. Therefore, we must ensure sufficient and safe water. We must also understand the possibility of dual power supply. If not, you need to bring your own generator to prevent power failure. The principle is: to ensure normal power supply at all times, because most chicken farms are now very dependent on electricity, and the lack of electricity will directly affect the health of the chickens. In addition, when building the chicken coop, you must also consider epidemic prevention and transportation. Convenience needs. Generally, the distance from the main traffic line is more than 1000 meters.

The second step of chicken raising is to choose chicken raising equipment: the use of various kinds of chicken raising equipment to assist in raising chickens is the trend of modern chicken raising. The use of some chicken raising equipment can greatly reduce the cost of hiring manpower and the labor intensity of farmers, and it can also To provide a comfortable growth and production environment for the chickens, so that they can play a better growth and production performance. Generally, the necessary chicken breeding equipment for chickens includes egg broiler cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg picking equipment and These types of chicken breeding equipment such as fan wet curtains.


The third step of raising chickens is to choose chicken fry: raising chicks is an important part of the process of raising chickens. The high survival rate of chicken raising is to lay the foundation for the health and production performance of adult chickens. Therefore, it is very important to choose chicken fry and raise chicks. Importantly, when choosing broiler chicken fry, farmers must strictly control the quality and carry out strict selection to ensure reliable source, pure chicken breeds and healthy chicken fry. They must not try to buy unhealthy chicken fry cheaply. When selecting chicks, in addition to paying attention to good breeds, you must also ensure that they come from a disease-free area.

The fourth step of raising chickens is to scientifically carry out feeding and management: Whether the health and growth and production performance of the chickens can be brought into full play has a lot to do with the feeding and management of the farmers in all aspects, so doing a good job in feeding and management is for yourself To lay the foundation for increasing economic benefits, there are many aspects of feeding management: environmental management, feeding work, feed nutrition, disease prevention and regular disinfection work, etc. are all tasks that need to be done by farmers.

The fifth step of raising chickens is to do a good job of disinfection and immunization: disease is a killer that hinders the health of the chickens and hinders the farmers from obtaining high benefits. Therefore, preventing the occurrence of various diseases has become a work that farmers must do. The better way to prevent diseases is to disinfect frequently and immunize the chickens with memory. Therefore, these two tasks should not be ignored by farmers and must be carried out scientifically and reasonably.



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