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Chicken cage manufacturers talk about the advantages of closed chicken coops

2021-01-27 15:36:17

With the continuous development of the chicken industry, the breeding of layer broilers is now becoming more and more large-scale, and the chicken houses and chicken breeding methods are constantly updated and upgraded. Nowadays, the chicken houses of most farmers are closed. The use of various chicken breeding equipment to complete the control of the chicken house environment is particularly good. The benefits and efficiency are particularly good. Then, what are the advantages of using closed chicken houses to raise chickens? Chicken cage manufacturers will introduce to the farmers.

1. The use of a closed chicken house environment can be better controlled, so that the environment of the chicken house is more suitable for the healthy growth and production of laying and broiler chickens, and meets the physiological and production needs of the chicken: the closed chicken house environment is more important than the open chicken house. It is much more stable and will not be affected by natural environmental conditions, and the production is stable and safe; through manual control operation technology, it is beneficial to control the growth and development, sexual maturity and stimulate the laying cycle of chickens, and facilitate the monitoring of the quality and quantity of chickens. Such as restricting breeding, compulsory moulting and other measures.

2. The use of closed chicken coops to raise chickens can achieve large-scale and intensive breeding. The construction of a chicken coop requires a lot of financial and manpower from the farmers. The number of breeding is generally more than 10,000. The use of closed cages can make chickens The area in the house can be fully utilized to increase the number of chickens and the land utilization rate is high. The growth and production of chicken flocks can generally be controlled in accordance with chicken breeding standards, and the products they produce can meet the standards promulgated by the country.

3. The use of closed chicken coops to raise chickens can save manpower and reduce feeding costs. The ventilation, light, humidity, and even feeding, drinking, and epidemic prevention of the closed chicken coop can be controlled by mechanical equipment to reduce the need in the breeding process. The use of equipment to raise chickens is more advanced and efficient, and the waste of feed will be greatly reduced, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing feeding costs.


4. It can be effectively isolated from the outside world with less cross-contamination. Since the enclosed chicken house is better isolated from the outside world, the probability of pathogenic microorganisms inside and outside the chicken house entering and leaving the chicken house will be reduced. At the same time, the disinfection and sterilization of the chicken house can be controlled. A certain space will greatly reduce the chance of cross-contamination, which is conducive to the prevention and control of diseases, especially major animal diseases.

5. The diseases of chicken flocks raised in closed chicken houses can be better controlled, and the cost of disease treatment can be reduced. The closed chicken houses have less cross-contamination, and the internal environment of the chicken houses is well controllable. The chickens are affected by external factors. The impact is small, and the probability of infection of chickens is low. Compared with other types of chicken houses, even if chickens are infected with the same disease, due to the good internal environment, the medication is more scientific and effective, so the treatment is easier and the treatment cost is Also lower.

6. The use of closed chicken coops to raise chickens can still produce normally even if it is cold outside. Generally, open chicken houses will be severely affected by high temperature, high temperature, and high humidity. However, closed chicken houses are Relying on complete man-made conditions for control, no matter what kind of extreme environment is encountered, a large amount of energy can be used for man-made control, so that normal production can still be organized when encountering extreme environments.



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