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Broiler cage manufacturers talk about the details that need to be paid attention to when raising chickens

2021-01-27 15:37:43

In the process of breeding laying hens, some farmers tend to ignore the details of breeding and think that it will not have any impact on the chickens. In fact, it is not. We have all heard the saying that details determine success or failure. The same is true in chicken breeding. Good use and good details are also the key to good chicken raising. The following broiler cage manufacturers will tell some details about chicken raising for the farmers' reference.

1. Do not disinfect before and after immunization: The work of immunization is the work that every farmer must do to prevent diseases, and the work of disinfection is also the work that farmers must do. However, it should be noted that before and after the immunization. Farmers are not allowed to carry out disinfection work within the day, otherwise it will affect the immune effect, and may also affect the health of the chickens, so farmers should pay special attention to this detail.


2. If you don’t do epidemic prevention, you can’t raise chickens or raise chickens without vaccines: Many farmers have these two ideas. The former is too cautious and the latter is too paralyzed. Farmers should insist that the vaccines that should be made must be done. If there is a loss during the incubation period or by making a vaccine with disease, everything depends on the state of the chicken and the surrounding situation. It is not that no medicine or vaccine will or cannot get any disease, but the vaccine has a certain protection rate instead of 100% protection, so it is possible to get sick after vaccination.

3. Put more chickens to prevent death and not enough after scouring: Many farmers have this misunderstanding, thinking that the more chickens the better the benefit, in fact, the number of chickens per square meter on the laying cage equipment is basically a fixed number Raising more chickens can only make chickens grow smaller, increase the density by 20%, and increase the incidence by 4 times.

4. Chinese medicine has no toxic and side effects: Many farmers believe that Chinese medicine has no side effects. Chinese medicine is divided into four qi and five flavors. Each medicine has its own nature and flavor. Chinese herbal medicine is also toxic, and it is also divided into small poisons, poisonings, and major poisons. The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is to correct the body's bias with the bias of the medicine, namely: the cold is hot, the hot is cold, the truth is reduced, the deficiency is supplemented, etc., the wrong medicine is used, such as the reverse It will aggravate the condition very quickly, and the side effects will be very obvious quickly, so it is very good to use Chinese medicine correctly, and it will be garbage

5. The respiratory tract does not need to be treated or treated after getting up: if a breeder has a respiratory disease in a chicken flock, it may become worse while being treated. It may be that the disease is developing, or the direction of diagnosis and medication is wrong. It means that the respiratory tract must wait until the group is full before treatment.

6. Use the medicine well. Breeding is to make money, not to do scientific experiments: In many cases, in order to protect the disease, many people will add a sentence when using medicine, use good medicine. I think that this is the only way to be insured. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the medicine is good or bad. The key is symptomatic and sensitive. It may only need a very cheap medicine or a very common medicine, such as infectious rhinitis. It is easy to use the sulfa, which we have criticized for a long time; the enterotoxin syndrome, which has caused a great loss, is actually sensitive to the dysentery that we have used for a long time and is very cheap, so don't be superstitious about the so-called "good medicine."



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